The freedom to choose the funeral you want.
Clarke Family Funerals

We provide simple affordable funerals

Clarke Funerals allows you to customise your own burial or cremation funeral and gives you alternatives from having no formal funeral service, a memorial gathering or a full funeral service.  As family owned Adelaide Funeral Directors,. we offer private or full service cremation and burial services the same as any of the larger corporate funeral homes in Adelaide. We are flexible and welcome the opportunity to discuss our funeral packages in greater details and design a custom funeral to meet your specific needs


Lower funeral prices

For our lower cost services we have removed some of the more expensive services and products, such as hearses, expensive coffins and lots of our staff standing around. This means we can provide great service for much less than the big funeral directors.

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Say goodbye your way

With our range of package options, together with your specific needs, you will find a service that is right for you. We cater to direct cremation, short services, church, non-religious chapels, natural burials to the more elaborate full service choices. 

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Without cutting corners

We provide an honest professional service - without cutting corners.  With Colin Clarke's 30 years of funeral industry experience, using reputable suppliers and providers, you are guaranteed everything will be done right.

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Call: 1800 686 985

Our dedicated funeral directors are available 24 hours a day to help you get started and answer any questions.

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Essential Service

A simple, lower-cost funeral option with the comfort of knowing that quality isn't compromised. With a Essential Funeral we guarantee to provide our usual outstanding levels of care and service for your loved one. Click here

What to do when 
someone dies

If someone has died and you need immediate assistance please contact us 24 hours on 1800 686 985 to speak to one of our team who are right here to help and support you. 

Serving Adelaide 

As SA family owned funeral directors we are happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home, our share facilities at West Hindmarsh, Enfield Memorial Park  or anywhere else you prefer.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

A prepaid funeral is written guarantee to deliver a funeral in the future. With a Clarke Family Funeral Prepaid Funeral Plan we clearly show what you are getting and how much it will cost in today's pricing.

All funds are invested with two of Australia's largest funeral fund investment companies, capital guaranteed by the government. 

Clarke Family Funerals are only paid for the services we provide when our services are needed.

Some of our plans work out to the cost of a coffee per day.

Contact Clarke Family Funerals in Adelaide

We are available all hours, every day to assist you.

Clarke Family Funerals

We can be found within the Distinctive Funerals Chapel Centre at 414 Port Road, West Hindmarsh 5007

1800 686 985

Colin Clarke direct on 0400 066 650

Cathy Clarke direct on 0412 070 351

Please always call us first to make an appointment.

A funeral should be about love …. not money

We are based at West Hindmarsh with a home office in Willunga.  Our main mortuary is located at West Hindmarsh with a second facility available at Edwardstown when required.  Most of our services are held at Enfield Memorial Park (northern side of Adelaide) and Centennial Park cemetery (southern side of Adelaide) among other venues such as Partridge House in Glenelg, Churches and graveside in various cemeteries.

Clarke Family Funerals have 30 years of funeral industry knowledge and connections.  We are a funeral home that understands many would simply like an affordable, simple and dignified funeral service. Our Intimate Funeral and Essential Service are especially designed to provide this.

We offer custom designed 'bespoke' funerals and fair priced package options.  As family funeral director, we understand that in your time of need when someone passes, you want a funeral home that will listen to your needs and design a service that suits.