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Welcome to Clarke Family Funerals

We support you from the very first conversation with us.

From the very first phone call, from a hospice, aged care home, a family member or a friend, our team are available all hours to begin bringing your loved one into our care. 

Here for you.

We will listen and work with you and your family a design a funeral that honours and celebrates each individual. Because every story is unique, we will ensure it is told sensitively with warmth and love. 

Why Choose Clarke Family Funerals ?

Whether your approach is completely original, more traditional, or somewhere in between, we'll help to honour the life of the person who has died. 

About us 

We're an experienced team at Clarke Family Funerals

With over 32 years of experience, Colin Clarke together with his team are proud of the individual caring attention provided. We are happy to meet you at our office, Enfield Memorial Park, Centennial Park or the comfort of your own home. It is all about where you feel most comfortable. 

Our Services & Pricing

All our services are designed with total flexibility. We work at your pace, listening to what's important to you and your family, whilst taking care of everything with thoughtful care.

From low cost to our premium range, we have a option for you.

What we offer   Premium Full Service

The freedom to choose the funeral you want.

Clarke Family Funerals are family owned funeral directors. We are a full service funeral home that listens and designs funerals to your needs and budget.

We offer custom designed 'bespoke' funerals and fair priced package options. As family funeral director, we understand that in your time of need when someone passes, you want a funeral home that will listen to your needs and design a service that suits.

We provide affordable funerals

Clarke Funerals allows you to customise your own burial or cremation funeral and gives you alternatives from having no formal funeral service, a memorial gathering or a full funeral service.  

Assistance all hours

If someone has died and you need immediate assistance please contact us 24 hours on 1800 686 985 to speak to one of our team who are right here to help and support you.

Serving Adelaide

As SA family owned funeral directors we are happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home, our office at Marleston, Enfield Memorial Park, Centennial Park or anywhere else you prefer.

Contact Clarke Family Funerals in Adelaide

We are available all hours, every day to assist you.

Clarke Family Funerals

We can be found within the Natural Funerals Centre at 

140 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5033

ALL HOURS  1800 686 985

Please always call us first to make an appointment.

A funeral should be about love …. not money

We provide most of our services at Enfield Memorial Park (northern side of Adelaide) and Centennial Park Cemetery (southern side of Adelaide) among other venues such as Partridge House in Glenelg, Churches and graveside in various cemeteries.

We offer custom designed 'bespoke' funerals and fair priced package options.  As Covid has disrupted our pricing packages with many services now costing less, please call us for a custom designed estimate.