Popular Chapel Services

The Popular Essential Service

A simple chapel service held in many locations in Adelaide which includes the important features required for a funeral.

What's included :

Essential Classic Service

A simple yet dignified funeral with the important elements of a service included.

Included in this service:

  • Professional service fee
  • Mortuary care
  • Funeral Celebrant
  • Classic 1.8m Mahogany Satin Coffin
  • Fresh floral sheath and basket of petals
  • Chapel service in selected venue
  • CD Music as requested
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner
  • 30 Photo DVD Presentation included
  • Cremation Fee* and Cremation Permit*
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Service times flexible - business hrs only


Chapel service only $3,850 incl GST


  • Centennial Park Mawson Chapel
  • Enfield Memorial Park Chapels
  • Partridge House Indoor Service Only $3,850
  • Enfield Gazeebo Garden Service (simple) $3,850
  • Aged Care Homes
  • Private locations

Main additional costs

  • Transfer from anywhere other than a Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner $255 (metro area only).
  • Memorial cards $2 ea
  • Newspaper notices
  • Cemetery fees (if burial)

Best suited for

Those seeking a to keep costs under control but still wanting a chapel service with music, photos and a celebrant to be involved.

This service can be adapted to be used for a burial service. Additional costs apply which will be cemetery licence, interment and setup costs. Talk to us about the various options.

Enfield Chapels
Enfield Chapels

Other variations of this service:

Essential Traditional Service

All the elements of the Essential Classic but with the following additional services and upgrades.

  • Swan 1.8m Gloss Coffin in many colours
  • Medium size floral batt of fresh flowers
  • Additional floral displays included
  • 100 CFF Memorial Cards

Traditional + $985

Essential Premier Service

All the elements of the Classic and Traditional with the following additional coffin/casket options

  • Expression Coffin $1,985 (as shown on this page)
  • Grecian Urn Casket + $2,985
  • Batesville Timber Casket + $4,400