Essential Services

Affordable flexible services

The Essential Service is a flexible service which is personal, modern in feel but include the most important services neededAvailable in a range of locations in Adelaide. 


We can provide the essential cremation service in the following locations :

  • Centennial Park Mawson
  • Centennial Park Florey (+$100)
  • Acacia or Folland Chapels at Enfield Memorial Park
  • Aged care facility
  • Private location


This service is ideal for a simple chapel service in a cemetery chapel followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery. 

If the service is to be held in a church this package will also be suitable. Cemetery fees and graveside setup fee will be additional.

This service is not suitable for the Orthodox faith or Catholic services. Please select our Traditional Service package.

Other Locations

If you have any other locations you would like to hold a service, please contact us to discuss.  

Get In Touch

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The Essential Service Package 

  • Professional service fee
  • Mortuary care
  • Civil Celebrant
  • Classic 1.8m Mahogany Satin Coffin
  • Fresh floral sheath and basket of petals
  • Chapel service in selected venue
  • CD Music as requested
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner
  • 30 Photo DVD Presentation included
  • Cremation Fee* and Cremation Permit*
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Flexible times

* If burial, the use of a Hearse will apply in lieu.

Chapel  (in selected locations) $3,800

Note: Photo presentations are required to be made by approved companies or must be checked prior to the service day.  Presentations provided on the day of a service will not be used. Clarke Family Funerals will check any family made presentations free of charge when presented 48 hours prior to service time.