Things to know

A few things to know that help make funerals a little easier and better 

What's not included

It's important to understand what isn't included in our range of services.

The Plan does not include:

  • Embalming, memorial, headstone or catering/wake services
  • Transfer fee other than a Adelaide Public Hospital or State Coroner **
  • A hearse  - unless a church or burial service
  • Viewings or services provided outside of our normal business hours
  • Funeral procession from home/funeral home to a crematorium
  • Products or services not specifically listed in the selected package service
  • Costs associated with changes in State or Federal Government regulations, tax, laws which result in additional costs or affect the conduct of the funeral
  • Any family or executor requests not included within the funeral contract

** Unless indicated in package as included.

Things to know :

  • Chapel only services do not include use of a lounge.  This is an additional fee or may involve change of service package selected. Subject to Covid 19 rules.
  • Transfer from any location other than a public hospital or State Coroner will incur a professional transfer fee
  • DVD photo presentations must be provided by only approved companies.  We are approved to create presentations and use all crematorium AV systems.  If you choose to make your own it must be to an approved format and be tested 48 hours prior to the service. Families are not permitted to use the AV facilities built-in to chapels.  This is all to avoid disappointment on the day of a service.