Religious Service

A full service religious choice

The All Faiths Funeral Option.

Our full service choice.

This is a service designed for religious services either in a church or selected chapel location.

A lot of flexible services are catered for in this package to enable a good funeral to be held regardless of location or faith.

We work with another experienced funeral home for some religions but our team are also there to assist. 

Traditional Service

A full service funeral with a range of quality products and services included.

Included in this service:

  • Professional services fee
  • Cremation fee and permit
  • Banksia 1.8m Mahogany colour coffin
  • Mortuary care
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • CD music as requested by family
  • Transfer from an Adelaide Public Hospital or State Coroner
  • Clergy fee * 
  • Church fee or selected chapel fee *
  • Newspaper notices arranged (pricing is at cost)
  • Additional staff as required
  • 30-60 photo DVD Presentation
  • Full independent AV facilities provided for the playing of a DVD (where permitted)
  • Fresh sheaf of flowers and basket of petals
  • Fully flexible service

Chapel or Church service $4,850 incl GST

Where this service can be held:

  • Your church
  • Enfield Chapels
  • Centennial Park Mawson
  • Centennial Park Florey (+$100)
  • Centennial Park Heysen (+$500)
  • Partridge House in Glenelg - Indoor or Outdoor
  • Talk to us about your location
  • Transfer from anywhere other than a Adelaide Public Hospital or the State Coroner $255 (metro area only).

Prepaid Funeral

This service is available as a fixed price prepaid funeral for an additional $275. All funds are independently invested with your wishes and all products and services detailed.

Burial Option

This service can be adapted to be used for a burial service. Additional costs apply which will be cemetery licence, interment and setup costs. Talk to us about the various options.

Fine Print

Certain churches may charge additional clergy and church fees to our allowance. Call to discuss.

Florey Chapel
Florey Chapel
Mawson Chapel
Mawson Chapel
Heysen Chapel
Heysen Chapel
Partridge House in Glenelg
Partridge House in Glenelg
Acacia Chapel - Enfield
Acacia Chapel - Enfield